Eating out as a pregnant lady…

I am currently seven months pregnant with our first baby and we are overjoyed and super excited for what the future will hold.

Over Easter there have been a few opportunities to eat out, this is definitely one of my favourite pass times and like to make the most of every opportunity. By this I mean if it is socially acceptable to eat three courses (i.e. other people on the table will join me) then you can bet your bottom dollar ill be eating a starter, main and pudding.

Now…pregnancy is lovely and there is so much to enjoy about the journey but eating a lot in one sitting is not one of them! I am yet to learn to a) not choose something on the menu stodgey/huge and b) not to eat until I am fit to burst like I would have happily done pre pregnancy.

So when my mum came to visit last weekend and she asked me to book somewhere nice to eat on the Saturday night I saw this as an opportunity to find somewhere I could have an enjoyable eating experience without leaving feeling like I need to lie down (not like that will help due to the delightful acid reflux!).

I did some research and found that Koj in Cheltenham has had good reviews so I booked us a table. When we arrived our coats were taken and we were shown the drinks menu, on which I was pleased to see were some non-alcoholic cocktails and green tea which I drink a lot of nowadays and find it helps digestion.

The menu was small and consists of little dishes to share with a quirky take on Japanese cuisine. The staff were attentive and brought the food out tapas style as and when it was ready. We found the edamame beans an entertaining appetizer as they have a tendency to shoot across the table when eaten, we also had the cabbage and padron peppers which were all fresh and full of flavour.

We plumped for the soft shell crab and duck leg buns which despite the ‘not for sharing’ note on the menu two of us managed to try a bit of both and they were both delicious. A good way to try soft shell crab if you are new to it like me as it is in a bun and covered in mayo so looks less scary.

An absolute revelation for the grazing dishes was the root vegetable and tofu oden with a light mushroom sauce which had a lovely umami taste and was addictive. We also scoffed the fried chicken which didn’t dissapoint and also the Japanese bubble and squeak (who knew?).

The desserts come as small bites and are just what we needed to finish on a sweet note, the sticky toffee pudding was as good as I have tasted (and I have had a few!) and I finished the meal with some green tea.

I left feeling ‘nicely full’ and felt like I had not missed out by trying to be good and order something small and light or missing out on courses. I would highly recommend to fellow pregnant ladies for a special occasion or as the prices are not too steep just for a nice meal out.

As I go through this amazing adventure that is pregnancy and every thing feels like a learning curve you have to hold on to the small victories and visiting Koj was definitely one of these.


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