A busy weekend of tasty food…

This weekend was full of house renovation stuff and eating lots of amazing grub, the kitchen is taking shape and we now have all the wooden floor down, skirting boards and radiator in situe. The trickiest step was probably heaving the ridiculously heavy radiator outside to clean with the garden hose as all the dust had got into the nooks and crannies and was not shifting with the sponge poke technique. This probably left the neighbours wondering what on earth we were doing as the cast iron radiators which we bought are known as the heaviest things on earth and my puny attempt at a comedy lift leaves me safe in the knowledge that weightlifting is definetly not the sport for me.

The next step in the kitchen is the slate floor in the area where the kitchen cupboards will sit, I can’t believe how much James managed to get done this weekend and only a few cuts and bruises to complain about afterwards.

We did manage to fit time in to go bowling (which I lost in quite some style so as little said about that the better), eat noodles at Bar and Wok and try the new Five Guys burgers both of which are in Cheltenham and super tasty. I had the large plate of king prawns with teriyaki sauce and a side of tempura vegetables at Bar and Wok the main was delicious and I replaced rice for noodles. The tempura vegetables were a bit stodgey and not what I would call tempura batter but all were still eaten with a horseradish dipping sauce. The Five Guys was a lovely surprise and extra toppings were free which was great and I maxed out on this with fried onions, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato sauce and jalapenos….one pointer if you are thinking of heading there though- the ‘standard burgers’ are double beef patty and ‘small burgers’ are single patty. I found myself waiting for our food and watching the slick operation of food preparation thinking OMG those double burgers look huge and a rather greedy option to discovering I had in fact ordered the double patty burger and eating the whole lot turned out to be less of an issue than I had anticipated.

So on to today and waiting for our beautiful new range Smeg cooker to be delivered and as usual delivery companies think I am more than happy to wait in all day for delivery, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

FullSizeRender (2)
Beautiful kitchen floor in progress

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