We live in an old school in the centre of Cheltenham, my boyfriend James is in the process of renovating this beautiful old building and I help where I can (mainly making the tea!).

My day job is teaching which I love but I have always wanted to have a go at having my own business related to food. I have many ideas but have started with a street food stall which I sell Posh Pancakes from and have done a test day at the Cheltenham Market which was really popular.

As I am writing this James is putting the floor down in our new kitchen and I am sat in front of the fire with some jacket potatoes in the miniature oven for lunch.

Watch this space for updates on our adventures in the Old School House Kitchen and recipe ideas….below is a few pictures of our home and also our delicious dinner from last night which was a ridiculously easy salmon and harissa with vegetables cooked en papillote (cooked in the miniature oven!)…..I love the colours and it was so tasty.


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